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Welcome to the Northwest APRS Wiki!

NWAPRS supports APRS events, activities and amateur radio enthusiasts primarily in AB, BC, NWT, ID, MT, OR, and WA, but we offer support via this Wiki and the NWAPRS Mailing List to all who need or request it.

What is APRS? Wikipedia has this to say: Automatic_Packet_Reporting_System

Enjoy your visit, and come back often! Check the NWAPRS Blog for website and mailing list updates.

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MT Active Stations
NWAPRS Java - COMING SOON Northwest Hamfest Schedule

NWAPRS supports the national APRS settings and paths.

Tune APRS across North America on 144.390 MHz at 1.2 kbaud.

Puget Sound alternate APRS on 144.350 MHz at 9.6 kbaud (general use).

Puget Sound alternate APRS on 440.800 MHz at 9.6 kbaud (general use).

Puget Sound experimental packet on 145.550 MHz at 9.6 kbaud (APRS and TCP/IP).

Puget Sound alternate APRS on 223.600 MHz at 9.6 kbaud.

Path Settings
Mobile WIDE1-1,WIDE2-1 -or- WIDE2-2
Fixed-station WIDE2-2
Aeronautical None (Empty)

Station Settings
Home Station Mobile/Portable Tracker WIDEn-N Digipeater WIDEn-N/WX Digi Fill-In Digi

Not all pages are linked into the tree. This is where to find them: List of all NWAPRS wiki pages.

Callsign lookup via APRS: Send APRS msg to DOQRZ, put callsign in text field and send.

Check out this page for adding your IRLP and ECHOLINK objects to APRS.

Homeland Security READY AMERICA program recommends maintaining an emergency supply kit with at least 3 days of supplies. Get details here and BE PREPARED!

APRS™ is a registered trademark of Bob Bruninga, WB4APR.