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NWAPRS serves: Alberta, British Columbia, Northwest Territories, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana

APRS Applications:

  • APRS + SA Windows application supports most Delorme Street Atlas detailed maps
  • APRSBB: APRS for some BlackBerry smart phones.
  • APRSdos DOS/Win3.2 application supports rudimentary maps. This is where it all started!
  • APRSPoint Windows application supports Microsoft MapPoint 2004 detailed maps
  • Digi_Ned An application for a WIDEn-N digipeater using the new paradigm settings
  • IBCNU: text messenger for iPhone.
  • MacAPRS Macintosh application supports rudimentary maps, but not commercial map products
  • OpenAPRS:
  • PocketAPRS Palm OS application supports rudimentary maps (no longer in development)
  • UI-View32 Windows application supports Precision Maps ver 7 detailed maps
  • WinAPRS Windows application supports Precision Map ver 3, 3.5, and 5 detailed maps
  • WinAPRSce Pocket PDA/Windows application supports rudimentary maps (no longer in development)
  • Xastir Linux/MOS X application supports unlimited commercial detailed map programs

APRS-IS Web Resources

  • findu
  • DB0ANF - who was digipeated and many other functions
  • openaprs

APRS External Links

  • APRS Applications Compared: Curt/WE7U made a nice chart comparing the various APRS applications.
  • APRS-IS: APRS-Internet Service. Provides info about how the APRS position and message data gets about the internet.
  • APRS-IS: and Weather Stations: Device to connect weather station direct to network and submit wx data via CWOP
  • APRS Maps .pdb format: Here is a map link for PocketAPRS maps.
  • APRS via Satellites: There are several satellites configured for APRS digipeating.
  • AvMap GeoSat4 and G5 GPS. The BEST GPS solution for your Kenwood TM-D700 or D710.
  • BigRedBee Makes a miniature tracker package, pretty cool!
  • Byonics Makes a variety of APRS trackers and cool stuff!
  • Canada (Alberta) APRS
  • Charge Battery from Astron Mod: Easy Astron power supply modification to charge 12v deep cycle batteries.
  • Commercial Radio Mods: Great source of modifications for commercial radios.
  • DMapper: This is a "linking" application between APRS and several different topographic map programs.
  • Elcom USB Micro TNC: A multi-function TNC for many packet modes, with USB interface.
  • Fix 144.39: Bob's detailed solution to fixing the congestion on APRS.
  • Geosat 4 Travel (G4T): The GPS mobile solution when combined with Kenwood's TM-D700A
  • GPS Display Kit - Harper Tech: Small kit to display GPS location for "faceless" GPSs
  • GPS-710 attaches to rear of Kenwood TM-D710. No frills. No display. $100. Cool device. Green Light Labs.
  • KCAPRS: The Kansas City APRS web pages have lots to offer; well-documented help files.
  • Kenwood D700 Keyboard Interface Kit: Build kit or buy complete and plug PS2 keyboard in for easy text messaging on APRS w/TM-D700
  • Kenwood TM-D710: Best radio for APRS. Dual band APRS compatible radio. You can't go wrong with this radio.
  • Lido Mounts: A great selection of mobile head and GPS mounting devices for your transportation needs.
  • Mic-E/Radio/TripMate: Delorme TripMate GPS (out of production) with built-in Mic-E.
  • Mobile Power Monitor: This device inserts between your battery and radio. When voltage drops to a certain level, power is curtailed to the radio. However, the battery will not be drained below a restart level.
  • NWAPRS (Montana) Tier 2 TCPIP Server: The NWAPRS iGate server, use port 145.77
  • NWAPRS maps for DosAPRS: It's a zipped file with most of the NWAPRS dosAPRS maps.
  • NWS Pendleton Skywarn: These folks do things right. The Pendleton NWS has APRS running, and they operate a remote weather station. Great support.
  • OpenTracker: Yet another TNC module with lots of features, this one from Scott/N1VG.
  • PocketAPRS: APRS for the Palm Pilot. Mike is no longer supporting development of PocketAPRS. The links to his PocketAPRS maps is no longer available, and it appears the maps have been removed from the TAPR site. Bummer.
  • Radio-TNC Wiring Diagrams: Good source of pinouts for radios and TNCs
  • Send Red Cross Health & Welfare Messages via e-mail
  • Tigertronics TM-1 TNC: Tigertronics is one of our own, based in Medford, OR. They make a variety of APRS related products.
  • TinyTrak3: This is a transmit only miniature TNC, popular with lightweight trackers.
  • TinyTrak4: Upgraded mini-TNC with receive capabilities for APRS tracking, KISS TNC, digipeater, Fox
  • TNC-X]: The uSmartDigi project. The Expandable TNC with firmware source code available. Digipeater and Tracker daughterboard available and serial or USB interface.
  • Tracking Satellites with your Palm Pilot: You can upload the satellite keplerian data and view it on a Palm Pilot, keeping you informed when satellites of interest are overhead.
  • TripMate mods for APRS: Delorme TripMate (out of production) voltage wiring details.
  • UI-Digi: Alternate digipeater protocol with more features than a KPC-3 Plus. Compatible with the new paradigm n-N settings. Pretty cool.
  • Winlink and Airmail: Modern HF/VHF email program for RF users, APRS compatible. Really cool.
  • Wiring schematics & other APRS stuff: Great site for those wiring details.
  • WB4APR APRS Site: Father Bob Bruninga's APRS web pages.
  • Yaesu VX-8R: New APRS-compatible radio due out July 2008.

Looking for the page with the current versions, Elmer list, and a bunch of other good stuff? It's right here.